Posted by: kerryalina | 6 March 2012

Challenge Class 20: n00bs and Why I Love Them

Practicing in front of newbies makes me a better yogi.  No, really.  I desperately want them to love Bikram as much as I do, because I know just how much it could change their lives.  But I also know that the first class is a hurdle a lot of people just can’t leap, so I don’t want to discourage them in any way.  I don’t sit out postures (okay, okay… just the second set of Triangle) and I try extra-hard to do everything exactly as described, exactly when described.  I stay much more focussed between asanas, and when I fall out of a pose… well, I’m more likely to just laugh at myself than usual.  Nothing’s going to put a beginner off more than someone quietly sobbing in the front row, right?

So today, with three beginners behind me and nobody else near me in the front row, I set my intention to absolutely kick ass.  And OMG I really did.  Part of it was because of the increased focus; part was no doubt due to the gluten/lactose/fructose free eating plan I’m on today in preparation for tests tomorrow (AKA the “I am SO SICK of rice cakes” diet).  I felt totally in the zone; the energy in the room was fabulous and I felt like I flew through the series.  You know how birds look when they’re flying?  Effortlessly graceful, yet obviously working hard to stay aloft?  That’s how I felt today.  And it was amazing.


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