Posted by: kerryalina | 9 March 2012

Challenge Class 22: Burgers + Bikram = Blergh

I’m about to let you into a secret.  Burgers the size of your head, combined with a bowl of fries big enough to feed a family of four, are not a good idea just before a Bikram class.  As it turns out, they’re not even a good idea four hours before a Bikram class.  In fact, if you’re even remotely contemplating the idea of doing Bikram at some point in your life… massive serves of burgers and fries should be completely verboten from this day forward.

Why this didn’t occur to me at any point before Hands to Feet pose – preferably before I decided to order the bloody thing – I have no idea.  I’m going to plead momentary insanity brought on by the knowledge that I was drawing ever closer to a three day weekend (yay!).  But while that may prevent me from having to serve time for criminal stupidity, it doesn’t change the outcome of my terribly poor decisions.  And said outcome was… blergh.

I attended a Workshop/Master Class with Joseph Encinia earlier in the year – if you ever have the chance to do so, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  He’s incredibly informative and helpful, of course… but also hilarious, sweet, maddeningly humble and so devastatingly gorgeous I almost swooned.  One of the things he mentioned that didn’t really hit home until today was that continued practice doesn’t just affect your plans for the 90 minutes you’re in the hot room.  It’s not just a case of “I can’t do X straight after work, I have Bikram”… it also affects your decisions every moment of the day.  From making sure you get enough sleep so you have the energy to attend class, to choosing more carefully what you order for lunch (protip: NOT BURGERS), your whole life starts to subtly revolve around your practice.

I’ve already experienced a number of unconscious dietary changes since starting my practice: For example, I now fantasise about pineapple and peaches.  This is complete and utter bizarro land for me; I’ve never voluntarily eaten fruit in my life.  I’ve stopped craving coffee (handy, since I love it but am violently allergic) and I’m no longer the girl who’s always nibbling on a bag of chocolates in her desk drawer (Haighs milk chocolate peppermint pastilles, in case you were wondering).  One of my work friends mentioned last week that she hasn’t seen me eating chocolate in months.  It triggered a craving, so I went and bought a bag… and ended up sharing it around/giving it away after forcing myself to eat one or two.  I just… didn’t want it.

I’m a huge advocate for intuitive eating and I have a lot of faith that my body will tell me what it needs.  But it appears that my body is a little bit slow to catch on to this “forward bends in T minus four hours” mindset… so perhaps now it’s time to focus on moving from subconscious/involuntary changes to more mindful ones.  The first of which, at least for the next six weeks or so, will be NO MORE BURGERS.


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