Posted by: kerryalina | 13 March 2012

Challenge Class 25: Making Friends

I’ve been making an effort lately to spend a little time at the studio after class – to sit, relax and recover outside the hot room.  I’m also attempting to overcome my near-comatose state and make an effort to chat to others doing the same.

From encouraging beginners, to complimenting veterans, to swapping tips with other in-betweeners, it all enhances the Bikram experience in a way I didn’t encounter when I rushed from Savasana to shower to street.  Looking forward to saying hi to a new friend gives fresh impetus to get to class.  Offering advice to a fellow student on how to stop her leg sliding out in Triangle (“forget about pulling your straight leg in; focus on bringing your weight into the bent leg”) leads to her giving tips on how to avoid falling out of Standing Bow (“curling the toes in, like a fist, makes the leg feel more solid when grabbing the ankle”).  Congratulating a newbie’s effort results in a glowing smile that’s hard to forget… and maybe the return of this new friend tomorrow.

The sense of community was something that drew me towards yoga in the first place, but I’m only now beginning to really allow myself to embrace it.  And just like when I first started Bikram, all I can think is: “Why the hell did it take me so long?”


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