Posted by: kerryalina | 13 March 2012

Challenge Class 26: Ninja Princess Biceps

Just before Christmas, I reached for my ankle in Standing Bow, looked at my reflection and damn near fell over.  There, in the mirror, I could see an actual, real live MUSCLE.

I rushed to a friend’s house after class and triumphantly flexed my arm for her as she confirmed that yes, it was indeed a bicep muscle.  A princess bicep, perhaps – still very dainty, in the grand scheme of things – but a bicep nonetheless.  A ninja princess bicep, in fact – it had snuck up on me without anyone noticing.  We went out for dinner that night and I discreetly flexed my new muscles at every semi-reflective shop window we passed.  I may or may not still do this, three months later.

A similar eye-opener occurred today – I glanced down in the mirror at the end of my first Pranayama inhale… and froze, completely missing the exhale.  More muscles!  In my stomach, this time!  Authentic, honest-to-god muscles.  And then, of course, for the rest of the class I was too busy admiring the bloody things to actually use them. Anything that pretty shouldn’t be put to hard work, anyway.

I didn’t start Bikram intending to lose weight or get toned – in all honesty, I started because I was in the midst of a nervous breakdown and needed something that would distract me.  Being stuck in a challenging environment for 90 minutes, with poses so difficult I could concentrate on nothing else, fit the bill nicely.  But now I have these muscles in my body that I worked so hard for and I love them to little bitty pieces – not because of how they look, but because of what they mean.  Of the hours of sweat and tears and, yes, locking that bloody knee that were needed to create them.  Of the effort and dedication and fitness (and all these words that I never would have associated with myself) that resulted in these ninja princess muscles.  And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them disappear.

My high-school self, with her continually “forgotten” gym gear, carefully crafted excuses and near-permanent doctor’s note for PE, is having an absolute fit right now.



  1. YES! Bikram for Crazy People. The ultimate in shutting down my own thoughts.

    I, too, have discovered that underneath all this “fluff,” there are muscles blooming and trying to get out. Sometimes I catch myself at home admiring my own legs. After all, they are damn sexy.

    Good for you!


    • “Bikram for Crazy People” – I love it!! *makes new blog tag*

      And YES legs zomg. I bought my first ever “above the knee” skirt this past summer. At the time, I still wasn’t convinced that my thighs looked any different, but I was PROUD of them, dammit! They can do a kickass Awkward pose and I wanted to show them off :)

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