Posted by: kerryalina | 14 March 2012

Challenge Class 27: In Which Triangle Redeems Itself

Music to my ears in class today: “This is what Triangle pose should look like.  Everyone turn and look at Kelly.  Shelly.  Sherry.  Dammit… HER.”

“OMG!” I thought, making whimpering puppy noises as I struggled to stay stretching in opposite directions, like natural human traction.  “That’s ME!  I’m Kelly/Shelly/Sherry/Dammit/Her!!!”  And then, of course, I immediately fell out of the pose.

(How did I fall out of Triangle?  How is that even possible???)

Apart from the near faceplant, this moment was so very sweet.  Not because I’m vain (mostly), but because I HATE TRIANGLE.  It’s the posture that, for the first six months I was practicing, would see me stretched out flat on the floor every time.  It was cause for mental celebration when I was finally able to sit down for Triangle rather than going into Savasana.  But I slowly worked at it, until I was able to tough out at least one set most of the time (oh man, I totally cheated though.  I’d do the right side in the first set and the left side in the second set so I had the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE resting time in between).  And in the last fortnight, something just clicked and all of a sudden the pose just works.

It’s still hellishly uncomfortable, and it’s still really hard work… but here I am, the Princess of the Trikonasana Savasana, being pointed out as a veritable paragon of Triangle-ness.

This is what it’s all about, right here.  Going from nothing – worse than nothing – and accomplishing so much.  Knowing you’ve done it using nothing more than your own Bengal Tiger strength and English Bulldog determination.  The title of the post is “Triangle Redeems Itself”… but it should be “Triangle Redeems me.”


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