Posted by: kerryalina | 23 March 2012

Challenge Class 34: Juggling

Slightly delayed post, since last night I ran from work to yoga to Hunger Games:

Hunger Games

It's Autumn here, but whatever.

Finally got home after midnight and immediately crashed – both from exhaustion and a major sugar overdose.  On a related note: why is it socially acceptable to down a ten litre cup of soft drink, as long as you do it while sitting in a dark, crowded room watching bright colours move on a screen?

That said, despite the opening night mob this room wasn’t particularly crowded because we saw the film at a Director’s Suite cinema:

Director's Suite

Why yes, I WILL have another glass of champagne. What's that? I can have it delivered on a golden unicorn? Fabulous.

Pros: No need to mingle with the plebs.  Hot food delivered to your seat during the movie.  Blankies provided if you get cold.  Boooooooze.

Cons:  I didn’t actually feel like drinking, and “Lemonaaaaaade” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.  Also, it’s much harder to resist the call of those Malteasers when you know you can just push the little button at any time and order another serve.


One of the things I was concerned about before starting this challenge was that my social life would either suffer or get in the way.  I was worried that I’d either have to turn down all the fun things and would become resentful and bitter as a result, or I’d end up doing the fun things and miss too many classes.  What I didn’t realise at the time is that it’s totally possible to balance a social life with a Bikram challenge.  It just takes a little juggling.

Rather than “movie or Bikram?” the question becomes “is there a viewing time after class?”  After-work drinks with friends are ditched in favour of long lunches on the weekend.  You could even use socialising as an excuse to bring someone to class and torture them for 90 minutes… but only if you’re not particularly fond of them, of course.

Things might take a little more planning than usual, but I’m finding the result is that I’m doing more with my friends, not less.  After all – when you can catch up just any old time, you’re less likely to actually put the effort into organising it.



  1. I loved the Hunger games books! Can’t wait to see the movie!

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