Posted by: kerryalina | 29 March 2012

Challenge Class 40: *Insert Witty Title Here*

I don’t really have a blog post today.  I’ve had so many good classes lately!  Damn you, good classes. You’re just no fun to blog about.  (I’ve totally jinxed myself now.  Cue the tears and pain for tomorrow!)

I do have a collection of random thoughts that won’t coalesce into full paragraphs, though.  In no particular order:

  • It bears repeating: I have been rocking the good classes lately.  Apart from the pseudo-panic attack day, I’ve only sat out postures in one class over the last three weeks.  ONE CLASS!  Also, I’ve only wanted to die 4,568,342 times!!!  That’s definitely a new record.
  • A few weeks ago, a friend referred to me as someone who was “fit.”  I couldn’t stop laughing.  It took me until last week to start thinking… OMG she might be right!  Then I tried to go for a bike ride for the first time in 15 years and lasted all of ten minutes before I dragged myself off the bloody thing and walked it home.  Baby steps, baby steps.
  • I realised today that I alter my practice slightly, depending on who is teaching.  Example: I know that today’s teacher is a stickler for shoulder-to-the-chin in Standing Bow.  So without him even saying anything, I really concentrated on that – to the detriment of pretty much every other facet of the pose.  My knee was sooooo far out to the side, it was ridiculous.  And in everybody else’s classes, I all but ignore the shoulder-to-the-chin command because I know they rarely call me out on it.  My knee’s much better behaved though.  I really need to work on finding some balance between the two.
  • I had a teacher this week mention during the class that I was doing a challenge, and now I get mobbed when I walk out the hot room by people asking questions or offering congratulations or just saying hi.  Favourite question so far: “How do you do it?”  Answer: “Electrolytes.  Also, I throw a lot of tantrums.”
  • I got a stitch in class today.  Anyone who thinks yoga isn’t a cardio workout can kiss my… stitch.
  • I’ve been hanging my wet towels/clothes over my shower door for the last ten months and lamenting the fact that they take days to dry – especially now that the weather’s cooling down.  In all that time, not once did I realise/remember that I have a built-in CLOTHES LINE above my bath that I’d never used because it’s not big enough for my “regular” laundry.  It finally clicked today.  *headdesk*
  • My stomach is doing weird things lately.  Today I got out all the ingredients to make a kickass salad (which I usually love)… but ended up ignoring them, pulling three cold chicken drumsticks out of the fridge and attacking those instead.  Ravenously.  With my hands.  LIKE AN ANIMAL.  (Ummm… an animal with hands, I guess?)  It was actually kind of awesome.  Then I started to make a Milo… but ended up pouring the chocolate powder back into the tin and drinking about eleventy million litres of plain milk instead. UNHEARD OF.
  • I’m going to a Master Class by Craig Villani over Easter.  I can’t wait!  It’s at a different studio, but I asked my teachers and they say it’s fine to count it towards my challenge anyway, thank god.  If you ever have the chance to go to a seminar or workshop or master class, DO NOT HESITATE.  I’ve done a master class with Lynn Whitlow and a workshop with Joseph Encinia and I learnt SO MUCH from both of them.  No matter how long you’ve been doing Bikram, I can guarantee that the special classes will help your practice!

Namaste, my friends.  I’m off to bed.  Sweet dreams to all of you xx


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