Posted by: kerryalina | 2 April 2012

Challenge Class 43: Glowing

I’ve just started Week Eight of this challenge and I feel amazing.  I’m tired, but also blazing with energy.  Not the shallow, frantic, short-lived energy you get from sugar or caffeine, but a deep and vibrant energy that gets me out of bed and through my day with a quiet enthusiasm.  Perhaps one of my oldest friends put it best as we sat and talked last night: “You look different now.  Or you look the same… but you’re glowing.”

I feel like I’m glowing.  I feel like everything is glowing.  I feel calmer and more focussed… although unfortunately what I focus on is blogging or reading Go Fug Yourself when I should be focussing on work.  I also feel happy, which is something I haven’t been able to say for a very long time.  I’ve had happy moments over the past year, of course – catching up with friends, seeing my family, enjoying an amazing glass of red in a bubble bath with a good book… but once the moment disappeared, so did the joy.  I’d settle back into… not depression, as such.  But something approaching blankness.  Nothingness.

These days though, a subtle yet constant happiness surrounds me.  Happiness while I walk to work.  Happiness as I buy my groceries.  Happiness when I enter class… and slightly exhausted happiness when I leave.  Random moments, full of joy.  For no reason other than they are moments and they should be delighted in, because they’ll never happen again – not for me, nor for anyone else.

And for now, they’re easy to enjoy.  Because I’m glowing.  And so is the world.


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