Posted by: kerryalina | 4 April 2012

Challenge Class 44: Rockstar

I had one of those amazing classes today.  The ones you get every so often, where everything just works and it feels absolutely incredible.  Where you hit a bunch of milestones (I went so far in the Half Moon standing backbend that I saw the backs of my own heels for the first time omgomgomg) because the series just flows and you suddenly understand why Bikram describes it as a love song to the body.  Where you feel like you’re flying and you can’t wipe the grin off your face because you feel like a bloody rockstar (even though you still fall over in Standing Bow five million times).  Where you’re reminded why you love this yoga so very much.

This is why I keep coming to class.  I’m addicted to this feeling, right here.  And I wouldn’t ever have experienced it if I hadn’t let go, trusted the yoga, believed in myself and DONE IT.

People at the studio keep asking why I’m doing a challenge.  I think they assume I want to show off, or that I’m insane (slightly true), or that I’m secretly super-fit (ha!) or that it’s because I’m some crazy dedicated yogini who desperately wants to go live on a mountain somewhere and find inner peace (only if I can still find amazing restaurants, comfy beds and pretty shoes on my mountain).  So I sit there and tell them all about the rockstar classes and how those alone would be enough to keep me coming back… but then they ask why I started the challenge in the first place and I realise I honestly have no idea.

Given my level of fitness and experience at the time, it probably wasn’t the sanest idea – I’d rarely even done two days of yoga in a row.  I just kind of randomly decided to do it and I ended up picking the worst possible week to start – I had a friend visiting from interstate, so I had to arrange classes around airport pickups, leisurely dinners and daytrips to Healesville.  My studio was being recarpeted so I had to schlep all my gear to work and trek out to the Prahran studio in rush hour.  I’d just had a week off from yoga altogether (due to a severe case of cbf) and after even that short break, I was struggling to reacclimatise to the hot room.  Easter weekend fell within the timeframe of the challenge, so I knew I was either stuck at home during the break, or resigned to doing a bunch of doubles to make up for lost days.  And yet… it was also the perfect time to start.  Because it’s always the perfect time to start.

There’s a quote that I read a few weeks ago and it’s KILLING me now, because I can’t remember exactly where I found it or how it was phrased.  But the idea behind it was this:

“Don’t wait for the conditions to be perfect before beginning.  The act of beginning makes them perfect.”

Found it!  “Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” ~Alan Cohen~

^^^ YES.  THIS.  A thousand times this.



  1. The times when it all (breathing, flowing, moving, holding strong) comes together keep me going, too. I LOVE your blog, and I am inspired by your challenge. I’ll probably never do Bikram because I’m not THAT insane (yet), but these reactions are the same regardless of the type of yoga. :-) This is so encouraging.

    • Thanks hon! I absolutely love writing it, so it’s a total bonus when people enjoy reading too :) I love love love that there are so many different people doing so many different styles of yoga… and all getting this same reaction from it! Blows my mind.

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