Posted by: kerryalina | 4 April 2012

Challenge Class 45: Inner Thoughts


First set, first breath
Yay, it’s starting!

First set, all subsequent breaths
Oh god, why am I here?  What on earth was I thinking?  It’s not too late to leave, right???

Half Moon

Right side
Wheeeeeee look at me go!

Left side
I don’t think my left side is attached properly :\

Alrighty, let’s do this thing.  (Followed by one of)
b) …this isn’t good.  I’m not actually backbending at all, am I?  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m bending forward.  WTF is going on here, body?

Hands to Feet

Shimmy shimmy shimmy… okay, now hips LIFT.  I said LIFT.  LIFT!
…Fine.  Stay there then.  See if I care.


Part 1
Sit down… and go back, fall back, waaaay ba… wait, change?  You didn’t say waaaay back!  What happened to the waaaay back???  I was saving myself for the waaaay back!!!

Part 2
I can walk in six inch heels.  I got this, baby.  (shortly followed by)

Part 3
I am sooooo not bouncing.
Okay, okay, fine.  *bounces grudgingly*


Argh, I’m all wonky.  Must… line… everything… up… *falls over*

Party Time

Hey, teacher.  If I look pathetic and stare longingly at the door, will you take the hint and open it?  Please?  Please???
No?  Damn it.  You’re not my favourite teacher anymore.

Standing Head to Knee

    • Lock standing leg, check!
    • Kick out, check!
    • Lock other leg, check!
    • Elbows down, owowow, check! (…maybe)
    • Forehead to the knee… Forehead to the knee… Ummmm…
    • Wobble and fall over, check!

Standing Bow

This pose is so pretty, but I could really do with a rest right about now.  I bet if I wasn’t so tired, I’d be kicking ass instead of falling over five million times.  Although if I was concentrating on the pose instead of complaining to myself, that would probably help too.  Okay, FOCUS.
…ow, I think I just pulled a muscle.  *sigh*

Balancing Stick

Maybe if I pretend to faint, they’ll let me leave the room???
Oh who am I kidding; they totally wouldn’t.
(Note: I have crazy low blood pressure and did actually faint/collapse in Balancing Stick once.  The teacher checked I was okay, got me some electrolytes, talked calmly and soothingly to me… and kept me in the room.  Dammit).

Standing Separate Leg Stretching

Okay… so I can get my forehead to the floor.  OR I can get my elbows touching my legs.  I can’t do both.
So I’m just going to hang out and relax upside down for a little while here.  NO-ONE WILL EVER KNOW.


owowowow LOOK AT ME GO owowowowow.

Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee

My left hip is up.  THIS IS AS “UP” AS IT GETS.
Oh wait.  That’s my right hip.  Carry on.


WHY can I never do Tree left side?

Toe Stand

Contract and lift and contract and lift and come UP… YAY!!!  *falls over*


Oh thank god.

Wind Removing

Ummmm… I hope this doesn’t have the result its name implies.


(Throughout the floor series, this slowly changes to: “Just five more minutes in Savasana, pleeeeease?”)


Are my hands in the right spot?  I think they need to be further up… wait, no.  Further down.  And in.  And rotated slightly 2.7 degrees counter-clockwise.  And my shoulders should be… whoops, pose is nearly over.


Hey Bikram, don’t locusts only appear once every seven years?  And then we try to exterminate them?
Do you think we could try that with this pose?

Full Locust

This one is actually kind of fun, though.  Hey Bikram, just exterminate the wingless locusts, k?  They’re probably easier to catch anyway.



Fixed Firm



I’m pretty sure it’s physically impossible to touch my fingertips to the floor first and have my hips on my heels.  Except I’ve seen people do it.  Huh.
Only explanation: it must be witchcraft.




I have nooooo idea what I’m doing.

Head to Knee with Stretching

I was so much better at this yesterday.
(Note: I think this every day.  And yet I’ve improved over time.  I have no idea how that would even be possible).

Spine Twist

Ummmm… how should my flat leg go?  Should the knee be pointing straight in front of my centreline?  Or in line with my hip?  Or be in some sort of scalene triangle arrangement?  Perhaps one involving six dimensions?
Ugh, I give up.  Stop fussing with the knee and twiiiiiist!

Blowing in Firm

Hahahaha my stomach looks hilarious.  Look at it go!!!

Final Savasana

…can has more yoga?
Oh wait, should be meditating.
I really want a Sunny Boy when I get home.
Shhhhh brain, I’m meditating.
I know, I’m just saying.  A Sunny Boy would be pretty great right now.
Pssssst… can has more yoga? :D



  1. What’s a sunny boy??

    • It’s an icy-pole (I think they’re called ice lollies in USA? Or maybe that’s in the UK). Anyway – they’re flavoured sugar water in a kind of… tube thing… that you buy unfrozen, take them home and freeze and then suck on :) They taste like childhood and they’re awesome after class because they’re super-cold and take ages to finish!

  2. haha, oh man.. you just described my Monday class right there :)

  3. I actually have a question about your challenge. It might be silly and you might laugh.. but your challenge, is it 60 consecutive days??

    • Ahahaha, it’s totally not a silly question – I think every studio has different rules for their challenges! My studio’s rules: 6 Bikram classes a week for 60 consecutive days (so it ends up being 52 classes in 60 days). Home practice or other yoga styles can’t be counted. It has to be 6 classes each week – I can’t do 5 classes one week and 7 the next. I can do a double (two classes on the same day) to catch up if I’m behind (for example, if I want a whole weekend off), as long as it’s in the same week as the missed class. I’ve only had to do one double so far, and that was because a teacher forgot to show up for one of my classes! Hopefully that all makes sense :)

      • AH that makes sense, thank you. I might attempt this :)

      • Honestly can’t recommend it enough :) Just bear in mind that’s it’s going to be freaking HARD. (That way if it ends up being easy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)

      • OH I know it’s hard ! :) I mean three consecutive days were hard enough for me ( however , i have to consider the fact that those were my FIRST three sessions ) . But doing It might do wonders for my weightloss ambitions..

      • I’m a big believer in HAES, so I can’t comment on weight loss… but I *can* tell you that it doesn’t matter what you look like by the end, you’ll be so proud of what your body can DO that you’ll want to show it off :)

  4. I laughed so much at this, thank you.

  5. I cannot stop laughing!! So freaking funny!!

  6. You’re freaking hilarious. Loved this.

  7. haha this was so well written! a beautiful insight on what i can expect today! I can imagine my thoughts will be a lot more desperate and pain-stricken!

  8. Half-Tortoise

    I’m pretty sure it’s physically impossible to touch my fingertips to the floor first and have my hips on my heels. Except I’ve seen people do it. Huh.
    Only explanation: it must be witchcraft.

    I agree… witchcraft

    Can has more yoga! Will have to see if I can squeeze in a class tomorrow

    • Also witchcraft: Anyone who can balance in Standing Bow for more than three seconds. I don’t care what anyone says, this is not natural. She’s sold her soul for sure.

      Have fun at class tomorrow!

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