Posted by: kerryalina | 12 April 2012

Challenge Class 51: The Time Travelling Thief

I had this great post worked out about how while I admire other people’s poses during class, completely different people are admiring mine.  What I see as inadequate, someone else dreams of achieving.  It was all about the futility of comparisons and the importance of focussing on your own abilities and blahdeblahdeblah… and then I realised that Yoga Lily basically wrote that exact same post last year.  She obviously possesses a time machine and the ability to read minds.  Damn.

During today’s class there were things I learnt, insights I had and funny stories to tell that other bloggers haven’t psychically purloined during a quick jaunt into the future… but I’m slightly overwrought after yesterday’s emotional post (in a good, cathartic way) and also physically exhausted after a couple of late nights in a row.  I honestly don’t have the energy to marshall my thoughts and pick one to write about in detail.

So instead, I’ll confide that I’m on Day 59 of my 60 Day Challenge… and I don’t want to stop tomorrow.  I think I’ll keep going for another week or so.  After all, doesn’t 6 classes a week for 10 weeks (60 classes in 70 days) have a nicer ring to it than 6 classes a week for 8.5714 weeks (52 classes in 60 days)?  I think so.  Maybe it’s the nice round numbers.  Maybe I’m addicted to Bikram.   Maybe I’m completely insane.  (Yeah… I’m definitely insane).  But I have a feeling that however many “points” I’ve “accumulated” (yes, that’s really a thing – Mr Bikram’s obviously more insane than I am), Saturday afternoon will see me back in the hot room and ready for anything.

That is, as long as “anything” involves 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises and a hell of a lot of sweat.



  1. I am bursting with joy and admiration for you. Badass Yogi Rockstar.

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