Posted by: kerryalina | 14 April 2012

Challenge Class 52: 8.5714 Weeks

After eight weeks and four days, my “official” studio 60 day challenge is complete!  It finished with a bang – a SMOKING hot class, packed full of beginners with great energy in the room and even a few laughs.  But I confirmed yesterday’s hunch… 52 classes in 60 days just doesn’t seem like a proper milestone.  I’m definitely going to have to do the full ten weeks ;)

On a slightly different note: it’s been bugging the hell out of me that this blog is missing the first two weeks of my challenge, so in the spirit of completeness (and anal-retentiveness), I’ve decided to go back through my Facebook archives and show you exactly what I was subjecting my long-suffering friends to at the time (and why they’re so very thankful that I started this blog instead).

Week One

Day One: You guys, class was freaking awesome today.  Which… kind of dissuaded me from doing a 60 day challenge.  I believe the reasoning went something like “I had a really bad class last time, when I was coming nearly every day.  However this class was awesome, and I haven’t been in over a week.  So clearly Bikram every day = bad???”

Day Two: Today I felt like death.  And then the teacher complimented a pose and asked me to demonstrate for the class.  Talk about mixed signals!

Day Three: “Yoga is Breath.”  Which is really good, since I spent 80 minutes of the 90 minutes class lying flat on my back trying to breathe…

Day Four: Went in terrified because of yesterday’s disaster, but had an excellent, excellent class.  Lesson learnt: have no expectations.

Day Five: Today’s lesson: expectations work both ways.  Being scared stops you from pushing through… but expecting everything to be awesome can result in disappointment and frustration when things are “just” okay.  When I was dying on Wednesday, I would have loved to have a “just okay” class!  But today’s “just okay” class felt like a failure.  Same experience, coloured by different expectations.

Today’s win: I realised halfway through the standing series what was happening and managed to pull it together in time to kick ass in the floor series.

Tl;dr: Awesome!  then not awesome.  Then awesome again!

Day Six: Week one complete!  And with a smoking hot class to round it off :)

Week Two

Day One: QOTD (after I asked a girl in the changeroom what the black drops she put in her water bottle were): “Oh, it’s concentrated evil.  Yeah, I’m supplementing these days.”

Day Two: I pulled a muscle in my inner thigh and have explicit instructions from my teacher not to straddle anything.  Heh.

Day Three: Went in “knowing” it was going to suck because my pulled muscle is still sore, my body is tired, the class was super busy/crowded, the room was sooooo hot and I was stuck in the “scary corner” that has no airflow or cool breeze.  Then proceeded to have a thoroughly okay class.  Really have to remember that “no expectations” thing.

Day Four: Only made it through the last 30 minutes by promising myself a Slurpee after class. Then when I got to 7/11, they also had salt & vinegar chips for 50c with any Slurpee purchase!  It must be fate :)

Day Five: When I left the studio, I nearly fell over a semi-drunk guy standing outside.  He stared at my sweat-soaked face/clothes/hair, pointed at the door and asked, without a trace of irony “What’s up them stairs?  A pool?”

Day Six: Week Two complete…ish.  AKA I am the hero of the hour…ish.  AKA the moment I became emotionally invested in this thing.

I have to admit – I’m narcissistic enough that I thoroughly enjoyed the walk down memory lane.  It’s fun seeing just how far I’ve come… and remembering just how scary and impossible the journey seemed at the start!


UPDATED TO ADD:  ZOMG YOU GUYS.  I just realised I finished my challenge on FRIDAY THE 13TH.  That seems… appropriate, somehow.



  1. Loved your first two weeks of 1 to 2 sentence journaling!! Makes you really reflect on the good stuff and decide what you REALLY got out of it, vs my paragraph ramblings each day!! Congrats on almost being done! With the challenge, not the yoga 😄

    • Thanks Nancy! I’ve actually kept up with the super short daily posts on Facebook – as you said, it makes you really think about the most important thing each day (like Slurpees, for example). But these days I head over here to blog and flesh out the idea as well. It’s a great combination – the short statuses get your thoughts focussed and prioritised, but the longer posts usually create more depth and insight. Sometimes you end up at a completely unexpected conclusion, which is kind of awesome :)

  2. Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment! I am so amazed that you plan to continue. I can’t wait to read how it goes :-)

    • Thanks C – I feel amazing right now, but I’m really looking forward to finding out how I feel after going for ten weeks! (My guess: dead).

  3. Congrats! This is no small feat. I loved all your comments about staying in the moment and also how fear can prevent you from doing well. It’s so hard not to have expectations, but it’s also so very important. I think you should go on for the fulll 10 weeks – why not?

    • You’re totally right, it’s so so so hard not to have expectations. When I first heard my teachers talking about “setting your intention for the class” I thought “Alright. My intention is to be AWESOME.” And then I would suck so bad and just end up really frustrated.

      I was totally missing the point. Intentions aren’t about results. These days I try to set intentions like… Be still. Focus on the breath. Don’t think about upcoming postures; stay in the moment. If you can’t do something, accept it and move on without frustration. Be gentle with yourself.

      I’m still getting there… but ironically, since I decided not to focus on results my postures have become 100% better :)

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