Posted by: kerryalina | 14 April 2012

Challenge Class 53: Let’s Talk Fashion

I love admiring the yoga goddesses in the front row, but I despair of ever resembling them.  I don’t mean their toned bodies, flawless skin and perfect asanas – I mean their style.

Let’s take Bikram hairdos, for example.  Some girls wear perfect ballerina buns on the crown of their heads.  Others gather it messily at their nape.  Both of these are a complete mystery to me.  How do they do it???  I have hair that hangs to the small of my back – if I pile it on top of my head, I can’t do Rabbit pose properly.  If it’s at the back, I can’t lay comfortably in Savasana.  So I wear it in two braids and look like a five year old, while they revel in effortless glamour and (presumably) levitate during postures.

I also have a habit of buying cute hairclips and, despite all previous experience to the contrary, thinking that I know how to wear them.  OMG NO.  I really, really don’t.  I swear, every other girl had secret classes in hair and makeup during their teenage years and I was sick that day.  Or maybe beauty school timetables clashed with my constant piano lessons.  Either way, the result is that I have absolutely no idea how to do anything other than wear my hair out or put it in a ponytail.  Even braids I only learnt to appease my seven year old sister ;)

As for the outfits these women wear so exquisitely… I get lost browsing Lululemon’s exhaustive array of spandex clothing in bewildering Canadian sizing.  Bereft of my usual shopping method (pick something blue in size 8 and walk out), the shop assistants bring me style after style of hot pants to try on.  Inevitably, I leave with a bizarrely-patterned pair that is either five sizes too small or large enough that I flash the unfortunate yogi behind me during Standing Bow.  Incomprehensibly, these two pairs usually show the same sizing.

Purchasing crop tops is similarly arduous – with an 8E bust, I can either select a Small to fit my back, or a Large to accommodate my chest.  Mediums prove unsatisfactory in both departments, proving once again that compromises make nobody happy.

I don’t envy the yoga goddesses (much) – I’m perfectly happy focussing on what my body can do, rather than what it’s wearing.  And honestly, I’d be a tad sad if I ever look in those front mirrors and don’t see my pigtails hanging down.  But I will admit to being filled with wonder at just how easy they make it all seem.  In my experience, doing Bikram with style is the hardest thing of all.



  1. Ha! I hear ya. I’m still trying to find the perfect sports bra that fits. I refuse to spend a lot of $$$$ on this which is why it probably has not happened.

  2. You are reading my mind!!! Love this post.

  3. I just bought a pair of shorts from Mika Yoga Wear — saw an ad on Facebook, clicked the link and actually bought some retail! I’ll tell you how they fit and if its worth your time!

    • That’d be awesome Nancy, thanks! I just bought a pair of Shakti side-tie shorts – they actually seem pretty good so far! I’m questioning how long the elastic in the fabric will last though… they don’t seem all that stretchy.

  4. Chances are there’s someone in the room looking at your pigtails the whole time wondering how you manage to look so cute while they are sweating away and struggling to keep their hands around their ankles in standing bow! ;)

    • OMG I love this. I am going to go in there and work those pigtails!

  5. I usually opt for the French braid. Very conducive to rabbit! :).

    And I like crop tops so I can so I can see my alignment in half moon

    • Crop tops ruined Half Moon for me! I was SO CONFIDENT of my alignment… and then I wore a crop top for the first time and just stared at my torso for the whole pose going “…really? THAT’S what I’ve been doing this whole time???”

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