Posted by: kerryalina | 16 April 2012

Challenge Class 55: Final Week!

Week One was a blur of excitement, anticipation and complete and utter disbelief that I’d ever make it all the way through.  During Weeks Two and Three I struggled to adjust to my new routine – one that was mercilessly indifferent to illness, injuries and longed-for social engagements.  Week Four SUCKED.  It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I am so, so grateful that I managed to make it through because, honestly, the rest of the challenge flew by.  I’m pretty sure I made it to the end of Week Four, blinked, and then the sixty days were over.

The last month or so has been the most incredible experience – some really hard classes, lots of good ones and an unbelievable number of insights.  Insights into specific postures, into the yoga as a whole, into how my body works, into myself.  I’ve learnt more during this month of daily classes than I did practicing a few times a week for the nine months beforehand.

But Week Ten.  Oh man, Week Ten.  I’ve only just started and Week Ten is already kicking my ass.  I’ve discovered why every studio does sixty day challenges – at the end of the challenge, your body feels amazing.  Just one more class and it falls apart.  I’m still babying my injured shoulder from Saturday and I’m pretty sure I’ve sat out more postures in the last two classes than in the full month beforehand.  It’s kind of hilarious, just how much of a hot mess I am all of a sudden.  And it doesn’t help my motivation at all that I’m not quite sure why I decided to subject myself to this extra week and a half when I’ve finished my official challenge and nobody would fault me for sitting on the couch for the next month.

That said, I did decide to subject myself to it… and I’ll be buggered if I’m going to stop now that the end’s in sight.  So I’ve decided to use Week Ten to relax, not push too hard, let go of my ego and accept that I’m going to fall over every two seconds.  (I’m not talking Standing Bow here, I’m talking falling out of Half Moon).  I’ve spent the last nine weeks working on my body and mind… now I’m going to concentrate on finetuning my stubborness.  There are only five classes left between me and the finish line and I am bloody well going to get there!



  1. Congratulations on undertaking such an amazing challenge. It really isn’t so much about the yoga but about taking our mind and body to the next level. The self confidence and knowing that we can do what we think we cannot do is priceless!

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