Posted by: kerryalina | 25 April 2012

The Morning After

Wow, that title looks so strange and incomplete with “Challenge Class X” at the start!

I walked out of my final Challenge Class feeling beat up.  Absolutely amazing and ready to take on the world… but beat up.  My hip was twinging, my calves ached and, oh man, I was tired.  I was so, so glad that I had continued past 60 days and honoured my initial commitment to complete the full ten weeks… but in the end I was thinking it might not have been the best decision.  Those last few days felt like they pushed me past my limit – my practice deteriorated, my beauty sleep dwindled and even my poor little blog suffered.  Posts got shorter and more superficial, comments went unanswered (I promise I still love you all though!) and proof-reading was non-existent.  I was worried that I’d sacrificed my body on the altar of Ego – that I’d pushed through, just for the sake of being able to say that I’d finished my challenge, when I should have listened to my body and stopped.

Hahahaha, no.  This is so, so, so not the case.  For the last two days I’ve felt like I was walking on clouds.  I’m pretty sure I’ve actually floated a couple of times.  My body hasn’t felt this good in… well… ever.  I’ve always had issues with my hips and as I’ve mentioned before, living in high heels doesn’t exactly make for happy hamstrings. However, it seems that in those last few days of the challenge, I really started to get into those problem areas and worked muscles I’d never even come close to touching before.  I think I was just too tired to fight it!  Of course, the result was that things hurt during this process, but never in a “I’ve damaged something” way; it was more like “Ooooh, I didn’t know that muscle existed… or that I could work it so hard!”  The problem was that I was too caught up in the madness of balancing work, yoga, food and sleep to be able to tell the difference.  When you combine all that with the hardcore yoga brain you get after nine and a half weeks of Bikram, you have a perfect recipe for self-doubt!

So to lay all doubts to rest… my final verdict, now that I’ve (hopefully) ditched the yoga brain and (maybe) donned my rose-tinted glasses: the challenge freaking ROCKED.  Something that was proved this morning when I went back through my archives – by far the most-used tags were “Awesome class!” (something I didn’t dare to hope for when I started) and “Full series!” for when I didn’t sit out any poses (something I never could have imagined two months ago).

And now, the world’s biggest thank you.  Because I couldn’t have done it without you guys.  I wouldn’t have done it without you guys.  I started this blog to keep track of my random Bikram thoughts and to provide some sort of accountability and structure to my challenge.  When I started writing, it was mainly in the hopes that having an incomplete challenge blog would be enough to prompt me to head to class.  Let’s face it, that never would have worked – it’s way too easy to delete these things.  Luckily for me (and my challenge!), in an unimaginably short period of time it became so much more about connecting with all of you.  I never expected to have found such a community – people who would offer congratulations and commiserations, while sharing their own hardships and victories.  I’m so glad I did.  And I’m so glad you found me!

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you xx



  1. Aw I’m glad I found you! It’s been so great to be along for your journey and to hear someone else talking about how hard it can be sometimes–and how great it is too! Congrats on all your successes and I hope you keep writing!

  2. And thank you for posting for us (and for yourself…), it’s been good to read about doing a 60 day challenge. I haven’t really even managed a 30 day one, except once when I did a co-op one, with 3 of us contributing to make the 30 in 30. Impressive, and inspirational especially when I’m going through a bit of a rough patch myself with my practice. The sense of community that this yoga brings is, as you say, awesome. Good luck and go well out there! :-)

  3. Congratulations! Best feeling ever to finish a challenge. Have a few days rest then get back in there, reap the rewards, see the changes. You’ll feel awesome!

  4. I can’t wait to read through your entire challenge! Are you going to continue to blog now that it’s over? (say yes!!)

    • Originally I planned to just blog for the challenge… but now I’m slightly addicted! I don’t plan on stopping any time soon ;)

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