Posted by: kerryalina | 2 March 2013

Feathers Hold it All Together

One year ago*, I was waiting outside a Bikram studio for a teacher who never showed up.  It was at that moment – when I desperately wanted to go to class, but was denied the opportunity – that I was suddenly aware of just how much yoga had come to mean to me.

Being locked out not only gave me the space to come to this realisation; it provided the impetus to commit to my 60 day challenge.  And running out of space while explaining that on Facebook is what prompted me to launch this blog.

Over the past year, I’ve connected with so many beautiful people, shared their struggles and triumphs, and had a few of my own.  I’ve come to understand myself and my practice in a way I never could have dreamed possible.  Every step of the way, you utterly wonderful people have laughed with me, held my hand, cheered me on and commiserated over disappointments (sometimes all at the same time!).  In many ways, having the teacher sleep in that day was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

To celebrate Bikram Butterflies’ birthday, I want to share a video that’s currently one of my favourite Bikram metaphors.

Start with something almost inconsequentially small.  Build on it constantly; repeat the same steps, again and again, with concentration and focus.  Over time it will grow into something amazing.  But never forget that that first step – however small – is what holds it all together.

And above all, remember to breathe!

* I’m a few days late.  I suck at birthdays.


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